Codevelo Group CEO welcomed to The Institute of Consulting

We are so pleased to announce that Jack Pattinson, CEO of Codevelo Group, has been welcomed to the Institute of Consulting. Recognition by the institute is a fantastic achievement and goes a long way to illustrate our ongoing commitment to great value and well-experienced support across all of the services Codevelo provide.  The Institute of Consulting is comprised of quality, professional advisors and consultants, to which we are proud to represent and a shared ethos we further cement into our daily operation. 
CEO, Jack Pattinson says “I’m so thrilled to have been acknowledged by the Institute of Consulting. The entire Codevelo Group work tirelessly to ensure that the support we provide is well-grounded, great value and rooted in a place of care and commitment to enabling shared success. For those who have worked with Codevelo will know, we’re in this for the long haul – our support is ongoing and we’re so pleased to be able to support organisations old and new, of all different shapes, sizes and setups to support success every step of the way.” 

For more information, email: or call 0113 320 3959