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Our goal is to share your success, by supporting it. Every step of the way.

At our core, lies a sole focus to supercharge your business. Codevelo was founded to create a centralised hub designed to support the growth and expansion of businesses and start-ups, regardless of their size, turnover or location.

We’re here to get behind your next steps, whatever they may be. Think of us as a friendly colleague within your organisation, someone who understands your business aims, what you do and why you do it, all while being able to provide you with the support and skills needed for you to take your next steps without breaking the bank. Our unique network of industry specialists, professionals and consultants allow us to offer a huge variety of services while ensuring the additional comfort of our extended experience and industry know how.


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About Codevelo

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Codevelo provides a huge range of business services and remote staffing solutions to companies that are ready to expand and develop without wanting to conform to the standard, permanent and rigid processes that often bring with them large costs, less flexibility, and long-term commitments.

Our services are always provided on a “what you need” basis. We won’t ever offer a generalised package that offers services you “might need”, but rather a tailored plan of individual solutions you will need and benefit from at a price that is appropriate to you.

We partner with businesses, organisations and community groups at every stage of their journey to provide a tailored suite of services designed to streamline processes and avoid unnecessary costs. Our solutions are able to support you with your expansion, cover tasks you just don’t have time to do, offer expert advice and knowledge to help you progress and help you plan and strategise your next moves.

Our individual outlook allows us to connect with organisations and offer exactly what you require when it’s required. Simple and effective, which is just the way we like it.

When joining the Codevelo network you’ll be paired with your very own development specialist who will get to know you and your business and assist with the amalgamation of all the businesses services you utilise and what might be appropriate to help you next. Whether you’re wanting to rebrand or in need of some friendly advice, your development specialist will always be your first point of call.

We look forward to understanding your business, getting to know your team, sharing in your success and supporting you to maintain that success.

Jack Pattinson


What do our clients think?

Client Image A huge thank you to the Codevelo team for all their work and support on bringing my company to life! I’m very excited to continue to work with you in the future.

  • Ben Atkinson
  • Owner

Client Image As the Managing Director of Elementa I feel a great responsibility to ensure we work with like-minded, ethical and professional partners. Codevelo epitomise everything we want in our partner organisations. Our Schools benefit from the knowledge and experience of professionals which compliments their efforts to achieve positive outcomes and outstanding education experiences

  • Sarah Morrison
  • Managing Director