a message from our

founder & CEO

In only a few years, Codevelo has found its place in a wide variety of industries, firmly supporting the businesses and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

We are so proud of everything our organisation has achieved so far. It was always my mission to create an entity that was grounded in its desire to support and develop. In my working career,  I have found myself on both sides of the fence – consulting for businesses requiring additional support and creating my own businesses and finding myself with the dilemma of being ready to expand while wanting to reduce costs and increase profit.

It is this very experience that led me to question the support and service available to small businesses, businesses generally and those of an entrepreneurial nature. Why isn’t there more advice available to those wanting to make the jump and start their own business? How do you combat the costs and commitment of employment when all I really need is ad-hoc support or remote staffing?

Codevelo has successfully supported businesses in their first steps, when planning their expansion and advising when times have been harder. Our teams are thrilled to be a part of each journey and observing the journey of each entity we get to be part of.

It is this experience that has resulted in the expansion of Codevelo. In 2019 we formed two additional arms to our organisation to increase and compliment our service offering. Codevelo Accounts and Codevelo Education are continuations of our original goals, to offer high-value support and guidance. Our accounts division enables our teams to expand the financial advice available to businesses, enabling all accounting services you’d expect from a standard practice with tailored packages for business owners and entrepreneurs. Our education division develops our professional consultancy offering for schools and learning providers to harness the knowledge and experience held by many of our consultants and experts and use it to support positive outcomes for young people across the country.

I would love for you to take a read below to find out a little more about our new entities but if you’d prefer, our teams would love to tell you about them.

Here’s to a prosperous 2019 for Codevelo and all of our clients –


Founder & CEO