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We’ve tried to categorise our offering into four categories. That way, we keep things simple. 

Codevelo offers a huge range of support and training services, so if you’re not sure that the help you need is detailed below, get in touch!

If we can’t help you, we’ll almost certainly know somebody that can. That’s just how we work.

school support

During these unprecedented times, Coronavirus (COVID-19) is throwing brand new challenges at schools, colleges and alternative education provisions. Our team is well equipped to support schools, academies and wider trusts through these uncertain times by providing industry leading consultancy and planning to ensure you are well supported and prepared for the coming academic year.


Expanding your empire and increasing your workforce can be an exciting yet daunting time. Our range of solutions will support your organisation and ensure 100% compliance and cost-effectiveness.


Times change and so will your operation. Our development solutions are designed to provide strategic and progressive advice and consultancy to support your next steps, whatever they may be.


Training will always be a necessity to your organisation. Our services seek to provide cost-effective and tailored training opportunities for your workforce at all stages of their engagement.

crisis & support

There may come a time where urgent help is required. Our network of professionals are able to provide crisis management and bespoke advice to cater to a wide range of future paths.