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Times change and so will your operation.

Our development solutions are designed to provide strategic advice and consultancy to support your next steps, whatever they may be.

tailored consultancy

We are incredibly proud of the network of industry professionals and experts that we have created over the years. We provide consultants with a huge range of skills and expertise to support your and your organisation. Our teams will match your needs to a selection of consultants all available by the day.

planning sessions

Sometimes, it can be difficult to take your great idea and transform it into a functioning operation. Whether you're working on a start-up business, new project or specific work task that you need some help facilitating, we can assist. Many hands make light work..

business strategy

Goals and targets are important and often, exciting. We're all capable of brilliant thing, but the journey on achieving those brilliant things can seem daunting and hard to manage. Our business strategy services work with you to create a manageable and sustainable model, working towards continued success and achievement.

reviews & audits

Often, a fresh pair of eyes can be just what you need. Our reviews and audits service is designed to provide non-biased and compliant support and advice to a range of industries. Whether it's your company branding, an upcoming compliance audit or staff performance, we can support and advise throughout.


{online course}
Getting started is often the hardest step. It can be easy to get lost in the excitement of your new ideas. In this online course, we will go through the essential skills you need to have and develop to ensure you've got all areas of your organisation covered. From finance basics to marketing and sales development, this course seeks to give you an understanding of key areas to really kick-start your new project or business.

modules include:
- business registration
- finance basics
- finding your brand
- don't break the law
- the pitch
- funding and expansion

Available: July 2020

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Elementa Support Services // Sarah Morrison
Elementa Support Services // Sarah Morrison
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"As the MD of Elementa, I feel a great responsibility to ensure we work with like-minded, ethical and professional partners. Our schools benefit from the knowledge and experience from the consulting professionals that Codevelo provides. Complimenting our efforts to achieve positive outcomes and outstanding education experiences."
It's A Wig Thing // Ben Atkinson
It's A Wig Thing // Ben Atkinson
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"A huge thank you to Jack and the Codevelo team for all of their hard work in bringing my company to life. I’m really excited to continue to work with Codevelo in the future."
Revive Detailing // Liam Wright
Revive Detailing // Liam Wright
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"I first saw an advertisement for Codevelo on my Facebook, and being a start up small business I decided to accept support from a company like Codevelo. Jack was very supportive and always at the other end of an email if need be, the team kept me up to date every step of the way and for a very competitive price too! I will be using Codevelo more and more from now on!"
Summit Estates Services //Luke Williams
Summit Estates Services //Luke Williams
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"I first reached out to Jack seeking advice on how to become compliant in many areas of my newly founded company. Having no real business training myself, having the support from the Codevelo team has allowed me to apply my personal time into the tasks that I excel in, whilst having full belief that the areas that are out of my skillset are being completed by hardworking and likeminded professionals. Jack has offered advice in HR and business strategy and has personally overseen the transition into providing and setting up workplace pension schemes, VAT, and more. Starting a company can seem extremely daunting, but with the support and know-how from Jack and the team at Codevelo, it has made the process so much less stressful."